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Sanitary and Hygienic Rupture Discs for Pharmaceutical, Biotech, Food, and Beverage Applications

Continental Disc Corporation'sSANITRX HPX & SANITRX HPX II rupture Discs are semicircular scored reverse acting rupture discs designed specifically for the pharmaceutical, biotech, food and beverage industries. These rupture discs are available to fit between industry standard sanitary ferrules, NA-CONNECT® flanges or SANITRX fittings.

The SANITRX HPX & SANITRX HPX II Rupture Discs can be used in a wide range of sanitary and hygienic applications throughout pharmaceutical, biotech, food, and beverage facilities. The following list is only a small sample of the many ways in which this outstanding rupture disc can be used:
AutoclavesBioreactorsClean Steam PipingProcess VesselsHeat ExchangersFiltersStorage & Transport VesselsMixing, Drying, Granulating EquipmentWfi Vessels & PipingLyophilizers (Freeze Drying)Cip & Sip Skids and PipingFermenters To learn more about sanitary and hygienic rupture discs, download a PDF of the Continental Disc CorporationSanitrx HPX and…

9 Superior Safety Valve Design Features by ARI-REYCO

ARI-REYCO manufactures direct spring acting safety relief valves for gas, liquid, and steam service. They differentiate themselves from other safety relief valves through their innovative and advanced design. The following 9 features are what set ARI-REYCO apart from the competition:
Single trim for all services provides full capacity at 10-percent overpressure for liquid, steam or vapor applications.Reversible disc provides a spare part in every R-Series valve. Nozzle threads at top ensure better nozzle to body alignment and reduce maintenance effort.Disc retention by ring eliminates potential of thread corrosion and need for special maintenance tools.Standard Inconel 625 LCF bellows offer better corrosion resistance and 316L stainless steel at no extra cost.Springs within a pressure class and orifice size are designed with a fixed inside diameter to eliminate the need to custom machine steps for each spring.Identical nozzle ring for each orifice size, regardless of pressure range or …

Disassembly, Repair, and Reassembly of the Steriflow Model JSR Biopharma Gas Regulator

The Steriflow Model JSR biopharma gas regulator is the first high purity gas pressure regulator specifically for hygienic, ASME BPE gas applications. It is designed specifically to eliminate the exposed threaded connections and permanent contaminant traps below the diaphragm.

The JSR is deal for clean gases typically found in bio-pharmaceutical, pharmaceutical and food & beverage processes. These applications include nitrogen, clean filter air, argon, carbon dioxide, oxygen, and custom purge or blanket gases.

The video below details the steps in disassembling, repairing, and reassembling the Steriflow JSR biopharma gas regulator.