AUMA Electric Actuators for Industrial Valve Automation

Liquids, gases, vapors, and granulates need to move through pipelines in process technology facilities. Industrial valves prevent or release process media flow and open or close the valves to regulate the resulting flow rate. AUMA actuators are remotely operated from the control room to operate valves. AUMA is a leading maker of actuators for industrial valve automation, focussing on electric actuator production, manufacturing, sales, and service. The Industrial Valve Automation brochure aims to explain the features and potential applications of electrical actuators, actuator controls, and gearboxes. Provided in the text is an introduction to the topic, a product overview, and well-founded explanations regarding the design and function of electric AUMA actuators. A chapter with extensive technical data for rapid product selection is in this brochure's back section. For additional information on actuator system selection, refer to AUMA's detailed datasheets. Tri-State Technical…

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The Ashcroft TC Tank Level Gauge

The Ashcroft TC tank level gauge provides accurate level measurement of liquid contents within any form of containment tank. It's integral sensor converts hydrostatic head pressure, thereby allowing continuous readings. The rugged 316 stainless steel construction proves ideal for use with oil, water and other compatible chemicals. The power required to operate the TC Tank Level Gauge is derived from the pressure exerted by the head of liquid within the tank (hydrostatic pressure). This pressure is sensed by a stainless steel diaphragm incorporated into the seal housing; pressure is then conveyed by capillary line to a capsule that drives the indicating pointer.Deflection of the capsule within the indicator actuates a precision mechanism, which moves the a pointer over a calibrated scale. The transmitting diaphragm, capillary and indicator capsule together form a sealed system.Ashcroft TC Tank Level Gauge Key Features: Suitable for symmetrical or asymmetrical vented tanksSelf-power…

ARI-REYCO Safety Relief Valves from ARI Armaturen

The ARI-REYCO line from ARI Armaturen are direct loaded safety valves for blowing off excess pressure of steam, vapor, gases, and liquid from pressure vessels, steam boilers, hot water boilers and piping systems. They are available in full-stroke and normal versions. ARI-Reyco applies a simplistic approach to their valves by utilizing a reliable single-ring valve design, the same huddling chamber parts for each orifice size, and standardization of trims. This provides quick turnaround, saving the end customer time and money. For more information on ARI REYCO Safety Relief Valves contact Tri-State Technical Sales. Call them at (610) 647-5700 or visit their website at

PBM Cryogenic Ball Valves

PBM cryogenic valves have a unique design that provides superior performance through cooling and heating cycles. The valves have been shown to meet leakage criteria per MSS SP-134.
An extended bonnet with an upper set of live loaded stem packings. As metal shrinks, it keeps pressure on seals as temperature goes through cooling and heating cycles. The vented ball allows explosive gas expansion to vent upstream.
Cryogenic valves are optimally oriented with the stem 90° from the horizontal plane. PBM cryogenic valves are capable of operating with the stem oriented as low as 45° above the horizontal plane.
DOWNLOAD THE PBM CRYOGENIC VALVE BROCHURE HERE PBM Cryogenic ValveSizes 1/2” - 4” - Full port. Consult PBM for additional sizes. Temperatures from 400 ̊ F, 205 ̊ C down to -320 ̊ F, -200 ̊ C Live-loaded stem packingsFiresafe to API 607 Rev. 6Designed and tested in accordance with ASME B31.1 and B16.34.Materials of construction: stainless steel, other materials available – consult PBM for de…

Tri-State Technical Sales SMART Transmitter Assemblies

Tri-State Technical Sales offers the assembly of SMART transmitters to Ashcroft diaphragm seals and isolation rings. Your pressure assemblies are tested for accuracy and leak integrity prior to shipment. Our transmitter assembly service helps take the guesswork out of specifying the correct pressure instrumentation and assembly orientation, while our highly trained instrumentation experts ensure that the instruments are compatible and properly calibrated to suit your application. 
Key Transmitter Assembly Features: Available with a wide variety of instruments, orientations and configurations to suit most processesThese transmitters and multi-instrument configurations can be re-spanned and are calibrated together as an assembly to ensure accurate pressure measurement. For more information, contact Tri-State Technical Sales. Call them at 610-647-5700 or visit their website at

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