AUMA Electric Actuators and Gearboxes

AUMA Electric Actuators and Gearboxes

AUMA is a globally recognized and respected electric valve actuators and gearbox manufacturer. The company's core expertise lies in modular electric actuation solutions for various industrial applications.

AUMA's product portfolio primarily includes electric actuators and gearboxes used to automate the operation of industrial valves, which control the flow of various fluids. AUMA offers both multi-turn actuators, used for valves requiring multiple rotations for operation (such as gate or globe valves), and part-turn actuators, used for valves that only need part of a full rotation for operation (such as butterfly or ball valves).

One of the company's key strengths is the modularity of its products. AUMA's modular design allows for high flexibility and scalability, enabling customers to specify devices that precisely meet their requirements.

In addition, AUMA provides a broad range of services to support its customers, from commissioning and inspection to maintenance and repair, ensuring a long and reliable operation of AUMA devices in customer plants.

Numerous industries, including water and wastewater, power generation, oil and gas, chemical, and general process industries, use AUMA actuators and gearboxes. These actuators play a critical role in the operation of numerous industrial plants, from power stations to chemical plants and water treatment facilities.

AUMA is committed to innovation and continuous improvement of its products and services. The company is known for its state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities and rigorous quality control procedures. The company has also incorporated advanced technologies, such as digitalization and connectivity, into its product offerings. For instance, AUMA has developed intelligent actuation solutions capable of predictive maintenance and remote operation, improving operational efficiency and safety.

Tri-State Technical Sales services the Industrial and Municipal markets for AUMA and is proud to be their exclusive Mid-Atlantic Authorized Service Center.

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