Certified Pressure Relief Valve Assembly and Testing from Tri-State Technical Sales

Certified Pressure Relief Valve Assembly and Testing

Incorrectly installed pressure relief devices provide unnecessary safety risks and delay operations when removed or repaired. In an emergency, PRVs are usually the last line of defense. The ASME and the National Board certify all PRV assembly procedures, testing facilities, and technicians. Signs and symbols on pressure relief devices mean the National Board or ASME has approved them as safe. 

Tri-State Technical Sales maintains UV and NB assembly and testing certification. We're proud to provide our customers flexible shipping options and high-quality products PRV's at affordable prices. Our partnership with ARI enables us to provide ongoing assistance regardless of the application's complexity. 

In addition, Tri-State stocks ARI relief valves to reduce lead times. Contact us if you need assistance with your next project.

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