Tri-State Technical Sales: The Mid-Atlantic's Exclusive Strahman Washdown Products Distributor

Strahman Washdown Products

Strahman products are known as the "gold standard" in various industries, including oil and gas, food and beverage processing, chemical, petrochemical, polymer, biotechnology, pharmaceutical, mining, and pulp and paper. They are the industry leader today because they leveraged the strength of their design and engineering capabilities, as well as their commitment to excellence, to provide their customers with the products they require on time. 

Spray Nozzles

Nozzles receive a great deal of abuse, and they can be costly and frequently purchased. Strahman spray nozzles are built to last and can withstand the rigors of a demanding environment. That is why Strahman uses premium, high-quality components that are strong enough to handle the most demanding applications and users. 

Mixing Unit Hose Stations

Strahman understands temperature control and the importance of keeping a clean and safe environment. Their engineers were the first to create the first steam and cold-water safety mixing unit for the dairy industry. Following that, the industry's first hot and cold-water mixing units were developed, followed by the first thermostatically controlled mixing unit. 


Because of their proven strength and durability, Strahman hose assemblies are ideal for industrial applications and environments. All of their industrial-grade quality hoses meet national and international standards, and some are even FDA-approved. 

Washdown Accessories 

Strahman accessories work with Strahman spray nozzles, hoses, and mixing units to remove organic matter residue and contaminants in difficult-to-reach areas. Nozzle wands, bottle attachments, swivel adapters, and hose reels, and racks increase efficiency and ensure that your sanitation team cleans in and around equipment thoroughly.

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