Tank Bottom Valves for Industrial and Hygienic Applications

Tank Bottom Valves

Two-way tank bottom valves are ideal for the sanitary tank, vessel, and reactor applications. Angle Stem Flush Tank Bottom valves offer actuator clearance in jacketed or insulated containers. 

The typical flush tank pad from PBM has a distinctive radius that aids flow to the valve and reduces the dead area where media might stagnate. The mounting pad is designed to weld flush with the inside tank surface for strategic ball positioning. PBM's standard flush tank pad will suit most tank configurations, including dished, flat, ellipsoidal, jacketed, conical, and spherical tanks.

Tank bottom valves products include: 

  • Angle Stem Flush Tank Valves
  • Radial Diaphragm Tank Valves
  • Radius Mounted Valves
  • Flush Tank Valves With Crown Flats
  • Spray Ball Valves
  • Sampling Valves

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