The ASCO Series Redundant Control System (RCS)

People working in the process industries look for dependable on-demand shutdown solutions to maintain safety levels protect workers and equipment from harm and allow for timely, easy maintenance. Dealing with challenges around safety, reliability, and minimizing downtime is expected in the process industry, and we at Tri-State understand the importance of these challenges. 

The ASCO Series Redundant Control System provides an answer to each of these challenges while improving process reliability, maintaining safety levels, and mitigating problematic and expensive nuisance trips. The high availability of the RCS, along with the market-leading flow, makes it the industry's best choice for actuation control of critical process valves and safety system applications. 

Mounted in a pre-packaged enclosure, the RCS has been assessed for relevant requirements of IEC 61508 2010 and is certified SIL 3 capable.  ASCO's fault-tolerant redundant solenoid valve architecture provides a system with no single point of failure resulting in an unplanned closure of the process valve with no bypassing required. Solenoid valves are tested individually without process interruption mitigating spurious or nuisance trips. 

The ASCO solution provides increased reliability and improved safety through automated online testing with diagnostic feedback from either a pressure switch or TopWorx GO Switch, enabling the RCS to be fit for use in SIL 3 applications. With the RCS, maintenance can is quick as solenoid valves are replaced easily without process interruption. 

Whether you need 2/2, or 2/3 architecture, RCS provides you with the peace of mind you need. ASCO provides all the work, so you don't have to build these features in the field, saving you time and expense while delivering safety and reliability.

Tri-State Technical Sales