AUMA Cloud and Cloud Assistant App

AUMA Cloud and Cloud Assistant App

Intelligent Asset Management for Electric Actuators

Digitization is at the forefront in all industrial sectors, irrespective of the market – the water industry, energy generation, oil & gas industry, and the process industry. In the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) age, recording, evaluation, and networking of comprehensive information provided by field devices are of growing importance.

Failure or unscheduled plant standstill possibly involves high costs. Hence, predictive condition-based maintenance and efficient Asset Management of field devices are core factors to prevent system failures and maximize plant availability.

Intensifying automation requirements – often paired with less operational staff on site – call for new concepts to ensure predictive condition-based maintenance and successful Asset Management. Both AUMA Cloud and AUMA Assistant App are premium, innovative tools for networking people, devices, and data.

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