SIL (Safety Integrity Level) Capable Switches

SIL Capable Switches

With more automated and integrated systems, there is a growing need to ensure system safety. The goal is to limit the risk to humans who use these systems.  Which means it’s time to talk about SIL.

What is SIL?

Safety Integrity Level, or SIL, defines the probability of failure in a given system. Some systems can fail without severe consequences while others have zero tolerance for failure. The concept was created by the International Electrotechnical Commission (IEC) to standardize the testing and certification of electrical, electronic or programmable electronic safety-related systems.The SIL rating required for a plant's systems or processes depends on its initial risk assessment.

The Application

In industrial settings, around 50% of applications for switches are some type of safety shut down (high or low pressure limit controls). When trouble arises in these critical applications, the switch sends a signal to the Safety Shutdown System, which will automatically shuts down the process in a safe manner.

In these applications, a SIL rating offers a probability of failure and defines the safety-related failure tolerance for the overall system. It is essential to understand that the SIL rating applies to a complete system.

A safety system is functionally safe if random, systematic and common cause failures do not lead to malfunctioning of the safety system and do not result in Injury or death of humans, Spills to the environment and Loss of equipment or production.  The safety function of a device/control system has to be guaranteed both under normal conditions and at the existence of faults.

Ashcroft Products: A Series and B Series Pressure Switches

With a SIL 3 capable third-party certification, Ashcroft pressure switches can be used for applications such as fire and gas systems, turbine control, gas burner management, and more.

The SIL certification is rising in popularity among end-users because it is a useful tool for determining risk and reducing it. At Ashcroft, we are proud to offer SIL capable switches that meet your safety requirements.

Reprinted with permission from the Aschroft Blog.