PBM Tank Outlet Valves

Tank bottom valves

PBM tank bottom/outlet valves are proven solutions engineered for demanding applications in pharmaceutical manufacturing, biopharma processing, food and beverage production, and chemical processing.

Products include: Angle Stem Flush Tank Valves; Radial Diaphragm Tank Valves; Radius Mounted Valves; Flush Tank Valves With Crown Flats; Spray Ball Valves; and Sampling Valves.

Two-Way Tank Bottom valves are suited for sanitary tank, vessel, and reactor applications. Angle Stem Flush Tank Bottom valves provide actuator clearance on jacketed or insulated vessels.

PBM’s standard flush tank pad incorporates a unique radius that facilitates flow to the valve and reduces dead space where media could stagnate. The pad is designed to weld flush with the inside tank surface for strategic positioning of the ball. PBM’s standard flush tank pad will fit most tank configurations; such as dished; flat; ellipsoidal; jacketed; conical or spherical.

For more information about PBM tank bottom valves, contact Tri-State Technical Sales. Call them at 610-647-5700 or visit their website at https://tristatetechnicalsales.com.