The AUMA PROFOX Electric Actuator - A Single Solution for Gate, Butterfly, Ball, Plug & Globe Valves

AUMA's new smart and lightweight PROFOX series is suited for process industry applications requiring quick and precise positioning, maximum versatility and future-proof interfaces for all industries. 

Programmed-in intelligence makes PROFOX ideal for simple open/close as well as for difficult modulating applications. The IP67-rated PROFOX includes adjustable motor speed, ensuring quick and precise positioning without overrun, soft-start and soft-stop functionality that improves valve life. Diagnostics capabilities keep the actuators performing optimally over the long-term and also make these actuators ready for future IIoT applications.

AUMA PROFOX is available in two version now. The linear model is currently under development (as of Oct. 2020).

  1. PROFOX-Q PART-TURN ACTUATORS - Torques between 32 Nm and 600 Nm Range enhancement under development between 8 Nm and 1,000 Nm
  2. PROFOX-M MULTI-TURN ACTUATORS - Torques between 10 Nm and 100 Nm Range enhancement under development between 4 Nm and 100 Nm
  3. PROFOX-L LINEAR ACTUATORS - Currently under development. Check back often to see it's release.

AUMA PROFOX OVERVIEW - Compact actuators with intelligent functions – a platform concept for tailored automation solutions at three levels:

    PROFOX is available as multi-turn, part-turn or linear actuator. Wide performance range with just a few sizes.
  • DCS
    PROFOX masters a large variety of communication technologies and supports easy integration.
    PROFOX is optimally prepared to face the challenges of the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT). Firmware upgrades allow adaptations to future requirements.

For more information about AUMA products, contact Tri-State Technical Sales. Call them at 610-647-5700 or visit their website at