AUMA Electric Actuators for Industrial Valve Automation

AUMA Actuators
Liquids, gases, vapors, and granulates need to move through pipelines in process technology facilities. Industrial valves prevent or release process media flow and open or close the valves to regulate the resulting flow rate. AUMA actuators are remotely operated from the control room to operate valves. 

AUMA is a leading maker of actuators for industrial valve automation, focussing on electric actuator production, manufacturing, sales, and service. 

The Industrial Valve Automation brochure aims to explain the features and potential applications of electrical actuators, actuator controls, and gearboxes. Provided in the text is an introduction to the topic, a product overview, and well-founded explanations regarding the design and function of electric AUMA actuators

A chapter with extensive technical data for rapid product selection is in this brochure's back section. For additional information on actuator system selection, refer to AUMA's detailed datasheets. Tri-State Technical Sales is ready to support you and provide any further information that might be needed. Contact them by calling 610-647-5700 or visiting their website at