Rupture Disc Designed Exclusively for Railroad Tank Car Overpressure Protection

The Tanksert Rupture Disc was designed exclusively for railroad tank car overpressure protection, and to conform with ICC regulations.

The Tanksert disc is a composite type, with flat seat sealing configuration. It is composed of an outlet ring for positive dimensional burst control and protection of the top section – a slotted metal top section which is the controlling burst member – plastic seal which isolates top from the tank media and prevents leakage - vacuum support which prevents seal from becoming damaged, should a pressure surge occur during transit or unloading. The vacuum support is also specially designed with an off-set section to assist in positive alignment during installation.

These discs are exceptionally accurate and fit standard threaded or bolted railroad tank car safety vents.

The Tanksert disc is a six (6) piece construction. The first five (5) pieces are permanently spot welded together.

  1. Is the controlling member of the disc assembly, constructed of 316 S.S.
  2. Is the fluoropolymer seal to prevent corrosion and leakage through the controlling member.
  3. Is the vacuum support constructed of 316 S.S.
  4. Is the self - aligning ring constructed of 316 S.S.
  5. Is the outlet ring which gives the controlled diameter for accurate bursting, and is constructed of 316 S.S.
  6. Is a fluoropolymer gasket for sealing between the safety vent and the Tanksert disc.


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