8 Selection Criteria for Choosing Differential, Pressure, or Temperature Switches

Differential Pressure
Ashcroft Differential Pressure Switch
When selecting differential pressure switches, pressure switches, or temperature switches there may be more than one choice, so the lower cost option is usually the best choice. There are some general guidelines for considering cost. For instance, in general a NEMA 7 rated switch will cost more than a NEMA 4 rated switch, a stainless steel housing will cost more than a die cast aluminum or brass housing, and a dual chamber design more than the standard housing.

Here are 8 Selection Criteria for Choosing Differential Pressure or Temperature Switches

  1. Does the applications require an Explosion Proof (NEMA 7) housing or a Watertight (NEMA 4) housing?
  2. Do you need single or dual set points?
  3. Do you need fixed or adjustable dead band?
  4. Do you need an adjustable set point switch or a factory set only switch (this step is only for Pressure Switches)?
  5. Select the appropriate switch model listed in the step 5 boxes in the pressure, differential pressure or temperature switch selection charts. This selection would be based on comparing the basic size and features of the switch models listed in the box based on your choices for the first 4 steps. Refer to the appropriate switch product matrix or catalog page for more information on the switch models.
  6. Determine the operation range needed from the appropriate switch model range charts.
  7. Select the appropriate micro switch based on your electrical requirements and deadband requirements. 
  8. Temperature Switch
    Ashcroft Temperature Switch
  9. Select the wetted materials and process connection based on your process media and piping.

Ashcroft offers several different pressure, differential pressure and temperature switch models. Contact your local applications expert for help in selecting the best model for your application.

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