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The PBM Radial Diaphragm Tank Outlet Valve

Two-piece tank weld pad and valve body design provides the following advantages:
Weld pad may be shipped early to facilitate fabrication schedule.Body can be rotated to any angle to clear obstructions or to ease the connection of outlet tubing.Body may be replaced in the future without fabrication in case of damage or the addition of satellite valve or purge ports.Optional Valve Configurations:
Point Of UseExtended Weld Pad for jacketed vesselsClamp On with Purge PortSatellite ValveTangentialTri-State Technical Sales Corporation

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Understanding Industrial Globe Valves

Globe valves work differently when compared to gate valves, ball valves, butterfly valves and plug valves. They are primarily used to control the flow inside pipes, and are popular in many industries. Globe valves are ideal in situations where precise control is required. They are used to regulate flow in pipelines with a high degree of control by regulating a pressures drop created in the valve body that allows the fluid to pass through the passageway (port) in the valve body. The globe valve stem provides linear motion to bi-directionally control flow, opening and closing the valve by changing the distance between valve disc and seat. The flow in the pipeline changes according to the position of the disc lifting from the seat. The movement is controlled through the use of manual operators, or through the use of electric or pneumatic actuators.

Applications of Globe Valves 

Globe valves are used in many different industries, but particularly in the petrochemical and power generation in…