Advantages of The ITT Pure-Flo EnviZion Hygienic Diaphragm Valve


Today's hygienic diaphragm valves use four (4) fasteners to connect the valve, body, diaphragm and top works. Valve disassembly process is rigorous, and care must be taken when removing and replacing fasteners. Often diaphragm replacement is complicated by valves that are installed in hard to reach locations with limited access. Maintenance professionals in the biopharma industry have confirmed that the average time to replace the diaphragm in today's valve design, is approximately twenty three minutes.

After changing the diaphragm, the fasteners must be evenly tightened to the manufacturer specifications, to ensure a proper seal. These fasteners commonly require a re-torque after this system has reached full operating pressure and temperature. Diaphragm replacement is a critical procedure, and if proper installation can result in process fluid leaking, system downtime, and increased maintenance costs.


Pure-Flo EnviZion utilizes a stud and key slot concept that allows for a quick and easy valve disassembly, no matter where the valve is installed. No longer will the challenges of fastener access, or handling of loose parts exist, as the fasteners have been eliminated. Diaphragm replacement has been simplified to reduce installation, assuring a properly installed diaphragm. No tools required. A simple mount-and-turn engages the sealing system and provides easy assembly. These design features enable the diaphragm replacement process to occur quickly, in approximately three minutes. With an innovative bonnet technology, Pure-Flo EnviZion simplifies diaphragm valve maintenance protocols, and significantly reduces maintenance costs. If you compare today's hygienic diaphragm valve with the Pure-Flo EnviZion, it's easy to see the benefits.


Today's hygienic diaphragm valves are susceptible to leakage when the seal between the valve body and diaphragm is compromised during thermal cycling, especially for valves with PTFE diaphragms. Hot process fluid flows through the valve during the steam-in-place and clean-in-place processes. This hot fluid causes the bolts and diaphragm to expand and contract at different rates. During each thermal cycle, the diaphragms are compressed, and the materials take a permanent compression set. This thermal cycle induced compression set may eventually cause fluid to leak between the valve body and diaphragm.


Pure-Flo EnviZion eliminates the effects of thermal cycling with ITT's cold flow control thermal compensation system. Inside the top works, the cold flow control provides a constant sealing force against the valve, body and diaphragm, maintaining a seal over varying operating conditions and eliminating the need to adjust fasteners after thermal cycling. This innovative technology assures body seal reliability, across extreme thermal cycling conditions, reducing maintenance hours, commissioning time and the potential for system contamination.

ITT's latest concept in hygienic diaphragm valves, the Pure-Flo EnviZion, is setting a new standard. Reduce your total cost of ownership with hygienic diaphragm valves today by calling Tri-State Technical Sales and learning more. 610-647-5700