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White Paper: Integrated Block Valves - Critical from Process to Patient

Integrated block valves are critical from process to patient. Innovative designs can drastically reduce dead-leg, minimize hold-up volume, minimize product contact surface areas, improve drain-ability, and contribute to product recovery from process piping and systems.

This white paper, provided by ITT Engineered Valves / Pure-Flo®, looks at the critical role Integrated Block Valves play in bioprocessing.

The white paper can be downloaded in its entirety from the Tri-State Technical Sales web site here.

Tri-State Technical Sales Corporation

NACE Standards White Paper: Measuring the Pressure of Sour Gas and Crude

White paper courtesy of Ashcroft.
Every mechanically activated pressure instrument relies on an elastic element to bend in response to a pressurized medium. Most often, the element is a metallic “C” shaped or coiled Bourdon tube that attempts to straighten under pressure. Specifiers need to be especially careful that the chemical  composition of the excitation medium does not react unfavorably with the instrument’s wetted materials. Measuring the pressure of compressed air or water seldom results in an incompatibility. However, when oil and gas first come out of the ground, the story can be quite different. Both hydrogen sulfide (H2S) and carbon dioxide (CO2, when combined with water forms carbonic acid) can exist as unwanted components. Raw petroleum fluids infused with hydrogen sulfide are known as “sour gas” or “sour crude”, and can attack containment materials, causing stress corrosion cracking. This can lead to a breach in the vessel and allow gas or oil to escape into the surrou…

Continental Disc and Groth Corporation

Continental Disc Corporation is a leading manufacturer of rupture disc devices used to protect against overpressure conditions for a variety of process industries, including chemical, petrochemical, petroleum refining, pharmaceutical, beverage, food, dairy, aerospace, gases, electronics and other markets worldwide. Products include a wide range of vacuum relief devices, such as tension, reverse acting, ultra low pressure, and graphite relief discs, vent panels, burst discs indicator alarm systems, disc assemblies and holders. Continental Disc maintains an ASME certified flow lab to test rupture discs and pressure relief valves.

A wholly owned subsidiary, Groth Corporation of Houston, Texas, is a global leader in manufacturing pressure/vacuum relief valves, deflagration and detonation flame arresters, blanket gas regulators, and other low pressure relief products. Groth pressure relief products have been protecting refineries, chemical processing plants, and facilities with atmospheric…