PBM CIP (Clean-in-place) Ball Valves

Cleaning a ball valve without removing it from the process is a solution that keeps PBM on top of the world's valve market. PBM clean-in-place options can provide a solution to the problem of removing any residual product that may accumulate in the valve. Using steam the valve internals can be sterilized. With PBM's exclusive adjustable seating technology, cleaning agents or steam can be introduced into the valve in the closed position without interrupting the process.

Simply innovative clean-in-place and steam-in-place capabilities are desirable in applications where material can become trapped, or where it may be necessary to sanitize the valve with steam or a cleaning agent. PBM provides a solution with a combination of purge ports and a ball with milled flats or drain holes designed to suit specific application needs. Steam or cleaning solution may be introduced through a purge port in order to flush the body cavity before exiting via ball flats or additional ports.

Adjustable sealing provides simultaneous upstream and downstream sealing, permitting clean-in-place without process interruption. PBM improves process efficiency using their clean-in-place technology in order to reduce process downtime, and increase productivity for their customers.

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